What makes sandstone paving so popular to use in gardens?

Sandstone paving’s natural beauty is matchless. The natural beauty of sandstone paving is probably the top reason for its enduring popularity over the decades.

Today’s market offers endless possibilities of both natural and man-made paving options to choose from. Yet, the most widely popular paving option for public places and private gardens across the globe is sandstone paving.

Let’s find out the numerous reasons for sandstone paving to remain the top choice for consumers when it comes to making their outdoor spaces beautiful.

Long-lasting robustness

Man-made paving is no match with the natural stone material of sandstone paving. While sandstone paving is not as hard as marble or granite, its toughness makes it last for a long time. Yet, not being as hard compared to other natural stones also works to its advantage. The interesting shapes and sizes created in sandstone paving become possible since it’s easier to cut. Maintaining sandstone paving now and then will not only make it look great; it will also last for several decades.

It is easily replaced

A wide variety of textures and tones is provided by sandstone paving. This means that no two sandstone slab is alike. Again, this works to the advantage of sandstone paving especially when a slab becomes damaged. Should damage occur, simply removing the slab and replacing it with another is all you need to do. Because of the unique design of sandstone paving, replacing them does not have to worry you if they match or not.

Non-slip properties

Making sandstone paving naturally non-slip is with its inherent grainy texture. The slip-resistant properties of sandstone paving make them the ideal to use as the flooring option around outdoor pools or in other parts of the garden.

Easy to maintain

The easy maintenance of sandstone paving is probably one of its top attractions. However, periodical sealing of the paving is recommended when it is always exposed to the elements or subjected to high foot traffic. Jet-washing the paving now and then is all it takes for it to look good as new.

Cost-effective option

Sandstone paving cost less compared to its other natural stone counterparts. Investing in sandstone paving gives good value for money when it is used to beautify both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Available in a variety of patterns, colours, and shades

The varying colour of sands in different geological sites provides sandstone paving its rich patterns, colours, and shades. The colour options are endless ranging from rich reds, subtle beiges, bright gold, dark browns, and more.

Eco-friendly alternative

Quarrying natural stone materials such as sandstone are less damaging to the environment than producing man-made materials. The natural durability of sandstone paving makes it a prime alternative to be reused and recycled in other areas in case of a new landscaping project. A landfill should never be the place for sandstone paving.

Great driveway paving option

Block paving the driveway has become a trendy design nowadays. The trendy design has also boosted the popularity of sandstone paving to use as driveway block paving. The load-bearing strength of sandstone paving makes it the best alternative for any driveway.

All paving needs of homes or commercial buildings are easily met by sandstone paving. The wide varieties of design, colours, and shades make sandstone paving the ideal flooring option for any indoor and outdoor space. Contact us at KLS Sandstone to explore more of natural stones such as sandstone.

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