Tips to Maintain Caravan Awnings for Sale

For your awning to serve you for the longest time possible before calling for replacements, you must maintain it from the first time you put up onwards. Look after your caravan awning for sale, and it will look after you. Here are some distinct parts of a caravan awning for sale that require your attention.


After continuous use, zips may become hard or stiff to move; this may occur due to the material becoming over tensioned. You might need to slacken it by relocating the pegs on the ground. If the problem persists, use zip lubricants if available, and if not, rubbing a candle along the zip teeth can work.

Plastic windows

While storing, don’t fold rubber tensioning straps close or in contact with clear windows because they may leave brown stains. Don’t worry about the creases because they fade away when you erect the awning and tension it correctly, especially during warm weather.


Wind can become a hazard to an awning. So, avoid erecting caravan awnings when the wind is blowing mercilessly. And if you must erect during windy hours, have many helpers to prevent an awning from breaking loose and become airborne or get severe damages. It becomes easier to erect an awning with one or two more people than doing it alone. But if you want to do it alone, choose the right moment and don’t be afraid to seek help from a neighbour. Most campers are friendly and approachable; they will be pleased to offer a helping hand even when they are total strangers.

Before you move in, ensure all ropes are well attached and pegged to the ground firmly. So, unless we are talking of a cyclone, we are good to go.


Some sites do not recommend using groundsheets, while others say use but lift it every day, but most people do not like when you damage the grass when you pitch. So, before deciding to use groundsheets, consider what other people will not be pleased with when you damage the grass. If you dire need one, you might consider using a breathable option that is relatively smaller than the awning area. And if you are on a hard standing ground, the plastic option will work fine. Ensure they do not protrude on the walls to prevent water from dripping in during rains.

General maintenance

Keep your awning correctly tensioned to prevent damages due to harsh weather elements or accidents. A flappy material strains the pegs on the ground than a firmly pegged one. Always make use of guy ropes even when in a stable wind condition. It will assist hold the awning onto the frames because the weather can be uncertain when you go out there or during deep sleep at night. Ensure you fit the draught-skirt always, and make sure the wheels are covered to prevent your awning from ballooning due to underground wind – it might become airborne.

Awning rails

They are not part of the awning, but we can’t pitch an awning without one on your caravan. To maintain it, make sure no dents or kinks on it and always clean the channel. For the awning to slide smoothly, remove sharp burrs at the edges or where there is a joint. If possible, spray furniture polish into the slots and wipe up to remove excess polish.

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