Granny flats Perth- why are they so trendy?

Granny flats are miniature little houses built on the property which resemble the main living space. There has been an increasing trend of homeowners building granny flats on their property. This can be used as an extra space for a workstation or even be sublet to generate some form of income.

Generally granny flats are lexicon dwellings which are built on the same property on which your home is built. It can be attached directly to your home or towards the garage or it can be a separate structure in itself. Granny flats are great if you are looking to extend your family or if you want accommodation for your older children but at the same time offer them their much-needed privacy.

Granny flats are not big as the usual size homes but  instead are smaller in comparison. They are no more than 60 square meters in size. These are designed in various styles and some even have more than 2 bedrooms and even consists of a separate kitchen and dining area. Others are built to resemble workstations for small offices with an open floor plan.

The best thing about granny flats is that these can be designed in less than 3 months. So if you are looking for a quick accommodation space for your home you should consider investing in a granny flat.

Basic information on granny flats Perth

  • It is allowed to build granny flats on the residential properties however it is important that you should check out with your local council in order to rule out any kind of restriction on construction on a particular block. The first step is to get a planning certificate from the local council and then commencing with the building.
  • The next thing you need to do is to get approval for building a granny flat from the local council. The getting of an approval only takes around 10 days or so. It is important that the owner of the granny flat is also the owner of the primary dwelling.
  • You can not build more than one granny flat on a single residential area. Granny flat is not considered as separate entity but rather a part of the existing home.
  • You do not have permission to build a granny flat on any unoccupied piece of land or property and it cannot be used for commercial purposes.

There are many reasons why people prefer building these little dwellings on the property. Since the money market is pretty tight and people would love to save some extra cash they do so by extending their homes and building a granny flat on it. They can have their older children moving to the granny flat so they don’t have to worry about paying exorbitant sums of money for rent and also have the comfort of having the children living with them.

Also granny flats are pretty cheap to construct and can be built within a few months. If you want to have your elderly parents living nearby, you can simply get a granny flat built for them on your property.

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